A story of authentic passion

A wedding is a set of emotions experienced differently by all protagonists and every moment that makes this day unique is captured without too many filters to make everything as personal as possible.

Reportage is all this: it tells the story from every angle with the beauty of reality.

Chiaro Scuro has made itself known for its unparalleled commitment to satisfaction the needs of its customers.

It is precisely this desire to excel that has given us the necessary push to become the business we are today.

ChiaroScuro Wedding

Our Team

ChiaroScuro Wedding
Nicoletta Maruccia

Appreciated for her recognizable artistic streak, she joins the Chiaroscuro’s

group like Art Director. Highly sought after for her ability

to anticipate trends by creating photographic sets that tell all the love you can imagine from a couple.

ChiaroScuro Wedding
Antonio Voi

The passion for art and beauty led him to his first reflex shortly after his

He immediately tried to describe the aesthetic emotion through each shot.

Over the years he has ridden the trends without ever losing his style.

Elegance has always been the hallmark of his photography.

Today the wedding world recognizes him as an undisputed professional capable of making every love story unique.

ChiaroScuro Wedding
Enrico La Sorsa

Enrico La Sorsa is a young photographer who will know how to capture the
absence of your wedding and the spirit with which you married approached your most important day.

With wisdom, discretion and creativity, Enrico will be able to translate the truest and most authentic moments of your reception into precious images to see and review over the years.

He, a young photographer from Francavilla Fontana, comes from a family in which the art and profession of photography have been handed down for more than fifty years.

It was in the family photographic studios that he took his first steps towards this art, always nourishing himself with the related special techniques and practices.

ChiaroScuro Wedding
Luciano Laguercia

Always passionate about photography, he approaches the analogue medium from an early age.

During his adolescence he grew up surrounded by numerous professionals from the wedding world who encouraged him to experiment with new photographic techniques.

Today, after decades of experience in the sector, he maintains his authentic curiosity towards the world of digital photography by giving intelligible memories to the people he loves.

ChiaroScuro Wedding
Vincenzo Cavaliere

Approached at photography’s world 10 years ago, since then he has developed a strong passion.
He learned to appreciate and then love wedding photography cause since
permit you to tell an unforgettable story.
With humbleness he always tries to grow, participating in workshops and comparing ideas
with other colleagues.